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Continue Playing​ YouTube Videos After Locking Your Phone Screen

Unfortunately the app isn’t on Google Take part in Store, but you can still install dark screen of life from here. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is an bold browser created by Mozilla. Go to YouTube, search and engage in the video you wish to listen to, then entwine your phone screen.

3. Your instrument’s screen will automatically face off, allowing you to listen to youtube music videos while preserving your costly battery. Then tick to capacitate “Request desktop site”. The approach is similar to what was demonstrated using Mozilla Firefox, so it isn’t Daedalian. But this service comes at a value of $9.99/monthly and it is only small to the folks living in the US. To do this, purely open YouTube via the Safari browser, then search and frolic the music video you wish to do as one is told to. Offering an intuitive visual tabs, it’s one of the fastest, well-versed & personal web browser you can use. Having had a glimpse at the protection clock, i realised it was almost twilight fall and the weather was cool too. I started with Alan Walker melody titled Faded, since it was one of my favourites. Tap the lone button in the midst to enable BSOL. Firefox anticipates all your needs, and it provides you with add-on that can facilitate in personalising your internet happening. Chrome brings an inbuilt Google translator, allows for hurried download and it enables you to view webpages and videos when you’re offline. You’ll see that the video intention still be playing.

2. It’s completely self-governing, and there is also a premium understanding which is ad-free.

Now after installing sombre screen of life on your Android phone, base and open it from the app drawer. Listening to a YouTube video in the grounding even when your ploy’s screen is off can be achieved if you have a YouTube red commitment. Now lock your phone and carry on listening to your music.

Pitch-black Screen Of Life

There’s till the end of ti an alternative to apps, and black cover of life is one of the best among the numerous apps that allows you to participate in YouTube videos in the background while your phone movies is off. I was irritated beyond control, as all i in all cases wanted was to listen to the audio from the video. There’s no cause access involved, and you don’t need to pay a dime.

Also Review: How To Enable YouTube Experience Playback On Android. Don’t panic, really swipe up to call-out the control center then tap the contend in button and the video will start playing again. Incase the app doesn’t toil, enable “Compatibility Mode” from the settings menu.

Irrevocable Words

Now you can comfortably play or pay attention to to YouTube videos true level when your phone shelter is off. Apart from this, chrome brings adroit features and it helps to keep your phone secure when you attempt to navigate to chancy sites.

As usual, you can use the Google Chrome to watercourse YouTube videos even when your phone cloak is off. To get this one going, navigate to the Google Engage Store and install Google Chrome. So i fir to listen to some YouTube videos while doing some chores. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most utilized and undisputed browser designed for Android, iPhone and iPad. That’s it, unqualifiedly select the video and lock your phone shroud.  Now open the app from your tool app drawer. Using Firefox to with YouTube videos even when your phone box is off can be a very tricky business, but it can be achieved​ nonetheless.

To Rather commence with, head over to the Google Engage in Store and install Mozilla Firefox. From here, wholly tap on the 3 vertical dotted line at the top true corner of Firefox. Locate and unlocked the app from your device’s app drawer, tap on the 3 dots to access the hamburger menu then “Insist on desktop site”.