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How to Convert Video Format and Download YouTube Video

Also, it also allows you to download YouTube video with plenty. Then you can easily choose which generate format or device you want. Now, let’s get to positive the software in details and how to convert video composition.

Convert Video/Audio Composition Easily.

video convertor
WonderFox HD Video Converter Works Pro is aimed at making the conversion convert easier for everyone, even for people who don’t be undergoing much experience in software. Lots of settings can be changed by yourself, such as mouthful rate, resolution, frame sort, aspect ratio and more.

2nd Motion: Then Click the “Output Shape” on the right side, a huge bibliography of video/audio formats and devices last will and testament pop up. Also, you can make customization settings on the crop video by clicking “Settings”. Uncommon video formats can also be originate here.

2nd Step: Click “Analyze” to cause sure the software will start the examination process for you automatically.
Smartphones and tablets fabricate it much more convenient for people to superintend videos on the go. Here’s the giveaway document key for you:


The conversion deal with will begin immediately. You can download video/audio from YouTube, Vimeo, MetaCafe, Facebook and more.

1st Footprint: Click “Download Video” on the interface, then replication and paste the URL of the online video in the software. WonderFox HD Video Converter Works Pro is a perfect video conversion aid to convert the video/film you be subjected to to any other format. After choosing the production format as “MP4”, the last footstep is clicking “Run” on the interface. It can be annoying for people who’re occupied to this. For example, you can merge multiple videos into one by clicking “Consolidate”, remove or add subtitle to MP4.

3rd Step: Let’s set “MP4” as an standard here. However, what if the video you comprise can’t be played on your digital devices? There is no call to worry the conversion will well-spring the quality loss in the video or audio.

And well-founde like I mentioned, WonderFox HD Video Converter Works Pro supports almost all the video formats. The unexcelled solution for the issue is to convert the video make-up which fits your devices. You can helve the software by following the instructions on the interface.

1st Measure: Click “Add Files” to add the video that needs to be converted, or purely drag the video to the software.