How To Install Xposed Framework On Android 7.0 Nougat

By | July 22, 2017

Now if your appliance is running on Nougat, and you wish to contain xposed framework installed in it, then here’s how to get started.

Note that in some cases, your manoeuvre may not boot after installing xposed. To see the big-hearted of processor your device arrange (i.e ARM, ARM64, or x86) simply download CPU-Z. If dialect mayhap you get a message saying that “xposed is not(yet) compatible with Android SDK conception 25 or your processor architecture”, completely ignore this, as it’ll still line.

Rovo89 the developer behind the Xposed framework aeons ago stated that there was unmoving a lot of work to be done in other to add compatibility for Nougat. To do this, cranium over to Settings and then Shelter. So ensure you’ve a recent NANDROID backup that can be restored incase you are faced with a bootlooped or plastic bricked​ device. If you’re essential and you have not heard of xposed framework before, then i guess you’ve been living junior to a rock. But before we dive into this, you should understand that xposed framework has 3 dissimilar versions designed for a specific CPU architecture.

Ultimately, the long awaited xposed framework for Android 7.0 Nougat has arrived. To assay things out, go to the Download section in xposed Installer app, then search for any module you choose to install. From here, unqualifiedly toggle ON the option. The good report however is that the team behind PurifyOS has managed to get their hands on abforce’s modular art of the imagin xposed installer, and after modifying it, they where competent to port an unofficial xposed framework that can be installed via twrp recuperation through a flashable zip. Also hang on to in mind that a few number of modules needs to be updated to hold up Android Nougat. Then download and invest the xposed Installer apk from here. Don’t unlatched it yet i.e if necessary, since it’ll be used to instate and manage modules.

Download Xposed Framework Flashable Zip

Next, you’ll for to download the flashable zip file of xposed framework. The xposed framework on one occasion hooked into your Android contraption, gives you the opportunity to customize your phone to the fullest with the aid of modules that can be grabbed within the xposed installer app. From here, fabricate sure you’ve a NANDroid backup on standby, then if you’re using twrp retaking, simply tap the “Install” button and direct through your device’s folder. Then find and select the xposed framework zip file you downloaded earlier on, and swipe the slider at the duff of the screen to flash the xposed folder.