MoveIt Review: Transfer Media Files To SD Card On Android

By | July 12, 2017

You don’t flush have to open the app.

  • Cleaner – MoveIt has a Inbuilt cleaner which antiseptic your phone’s junk files such as Apk,Temp files,Barren folders etc to boost your phone’s suddenness and also to increase the storage elbow-room.
  • Media Scanner – With MoveIt’s Internal and Exterior storage Media Scanner, tr all your hidden Media in your phone which are not being displayed.
  • Search– Beyond Search for your Medias in Internal Storage or in SD Condolence card by simply entering their celebr or the name of the folder in which they are up to date.
  • Media Player – Far select your Media as MoveIt lets you Lengthen your Images, Play your Videos and Audios while selecting them.
  • Cancel – Not only MoveIt lets your Along your Media but it also lets you Cut your Media Easily as all the Medias are organised together and also sorted out Date Commonsensical .
  • Media Manager – MoveIt also serves as Media Boss as It not only lets you Transfer your Medias but also lets you readily View and Delete them.


What’s disparate about MoveIt is that it lets you over your Medias with simplicity and efficiency. Looking for an app that can move videos, images and audio from SD Easter card to internal memory on Android? The app brings apt features and it’s quite reliable.

Key Features

  • Deliver Media from internal storage to SD Membership card – Easily and efficiently transfer your Images, videos and audios quite to SD Card using MoveIt.
  • Convey Media from sd card to internal storage – Also you can undoubtedly transfer your Images,videos and audios utterly to Internal Storage.
  • Auto Convey – A Unique and one of its Kind Column which lets you Transfer your Medias to SD Postal card automatically. If your Android instrument is low on Storage then MoveIt is a must contain app which you should download. The enormousness of the app is less than 5 MB so you don’t straight have to worry about MoveIt occupying your Storage period.

    If your phone is filled with Images, Videos and Audios, Which possess to be transferred to SD Card, Transferring them to SD Greetings card may be an hectic process as we’ve to search each and every folder and then give or delete the files separately.