How To Get Google Assistant on Android 5.0 Lollipop (No Root)

By | June 6, 2017

As well it doesn’t need any activity launcher as you can hurl it even with your own preferred launcher.

Google Assistant working on lollipop device
To get this one accepted, download the Google Assistant Launcher and instal it on your Android device. The imitation intelligence is based on giving you gen from the web and it does this more accurately. So to get this one booming, here’s how to get Google Assistant on Android 5.0 lollipop without rooting. When Google fundamental introduced their Google Subordinate on pixels phone, alot of non-pixel users sorted a way to get the AI deputy on their nougat and marshmallow device. Now there are either two ways to go approximately this, first is to install​ Interest launcher or you can use the widely known Nova launcher to execute your aim since it features a built-in gathering to launch activities. Then scroll down and tap “I’m in” to fit a beta tester. Now look for the google Fraternize with shortcut with the sub name and then preferred it. That’s all! Then under Nova Launcher, tap and coop up activity and drag the shortcut to your retreat screen.

Google Assistant trendiness can’t be tamed, while the Android users who are on marshmallow and Nougat seems to be enjoying their plastic intelligence, we’ve found a workaround to introduce Google Assistant on lollipop instrument even without rooting​.

Google Be seen with is gradually becoming more ubiquitous than we anticipated, latest to its release, we have had a chance to devise use of other Al assistants such as Microsoft Cortana, Siri and plane amazon Alexa. Currently i’m direction Google app version

Connect Nova Launcher

Next we’ll be using Nova launcher as a substitute for of Activity launcher to achieve our aspiration. From here complete the primary setup and go back to your strategy’s​ home screen. So to get this one throughout with, go to the Google Play and induct Nova Launcher, then set it up as your negligence launcher.

Launch Activities

Now yearn-press on an empty space on your contrivance home screen and select widgets. Now download the Google app and unfastened it. On the next section tap the Settings as done. Muse on that “Ok Google detection” won’t be readily obtainable from any screen unless you pull up stakes Google Assistant as system apps. A lot of Android users who are on nougat got Google Second on their smartphones without rooting​, and if they can do this, so can you. Then demonstrate the Google assistant your share, Now go to your device home cover and long-press on the home button to organize Google assistant. This impression is a must if you want to achieve a well-fixed result. Toggle ON this election and teach the Google assistant to recognise your expression by saying ok Google 3 times. From here tap on “Strengthen Google Services” option and hit ok from the pop-up. Scroll down and learn Google App from the lists, then tap on it to embellish more options. This wishes automatically add a Google assistant to your p screen. So head over to the Google Caper and search for Google App. If you’re on marshmallow exceptional Google app as default. Once done, really open Google app settings and you resolution see that ok Google detection has been activated. Positively youre​ done, say OK Google from any camouflage and Google assistant will uncovered.

Alternative Method

The above system won’t open the Google Assistant when you desire-press on the home button. Nonetheless all those tricks mainly confused root privilege. Open the app and forge a reminder as we described earlier on. But this was small to certain countries.
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launch Google Assistant activities in Nova launcher

Trigger Google Assistant

Now on one occasion opened, scroll over to the “Your Goods” tab which is located at the top right. But in any contrast, Google Assistant takes all the thanksgiving. Enjoy Google assistant on your lollipop Android utensil. From here complete the movement by selecting Google assistant from the laundry list (as shown above). While all this were prospering on, it’ll seem that Google has forgotten to make public or extend its assistant on Android 5.0 lollipop manoeuvre.